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Medical Alert Necklace

When shopping for medical alert necklace one must keep in mind that not all medical alert necklaces are created. Here at Act medical alert we are aware of this and feel we thought things out and carry the best medical alert necklaces for seniors. Most companies carry and offer one type of medical alert necklace, that necklace is the simple one button help pendant that when you press the help button it activates whats called a master unit, it looks like a small answering machine. The problem with that button is if your not near that master unit when you activate it the monitoring station can not hear you. If you can not tell the monitoring station where your located it will make it that much harder to locate you. Every second matters in an emergency! 

Act Medical Alert System Pendant Necklace

How to compare medical alert necklace is really easy, if your active and you go around the house or all around the inside of your home then a two way voice necklace pendant is a wise choice. Act medical alert system pendant necklace emergency necklace pendant has the ability to speak into the pendant so when you walk around the house or out in the garden you have the ability to speak to the monitoring station. You do not need to be in the house next to the base unit to speak to someone. The Act medical alert system pendant necklace help button is the best on the market, its also the smallest medical alert two way voice pendant in the world. State of the art and made with quality the Act medical alert system is the best. Please look over the website and give us a call for our low monthly monitoring rate. The affordable low cost medical alert system necklace.